During 2011 the company moved into the newly owned premises in the industrial park of Chieri, a town just 10 km away from Torino.
The new Plant covers an area of approximately 8,000 sq metres, 3,000 of which is dedicated to production equipment.
The new Plant has been designed to be environment-friendly, making sure all safety and ecological standards are strictly met.
In the new plant , our human, technological and logistic resources blend perfectly.

Our warehouse has a capacity of over 6oo pallets of products, under optimum storage conditions and in complete safety.

It is 1988. Francesco and Mauro Pilotto begin their journey into the fantastic world of graphics.

Fascinated by “the glitter of gold” , they strive to achieve their goal: becoming the reference point for all those keen to be seduced by the magic and glamour of foil stamping. It was to be the start of an amazing journey , that showed how any kind of graphic product can be enhanced by the application of foil stamping, which will make it it stand out on the shelf.